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Vision Boards Sound Awesome! But… What If I Don’t Know What I Want???

This is a coVisionBoard-1mmon question we’ve come across. Many Free Spirits love life and know that they want to keep on loving life, but they aren’t quite sure what to do next to keep on loving life. Vision boards are a powerful tool for connecting to our subconscious, assisting us with visualizing that which we know that we want… and that which is waiting to be unveiled. If you’re dreaming of your dream home, your dream job, your dream mate, or your dream vacation, a vision board can assist you with visualizing and creating a jump-off point for making it happen. A vision board says to the universe “I’m ready, here’s what I want, let’s make this happen!”. BUT you don’t have to know what you want! Here are a few ideas to help you kickstart a vision board of your own.

5 Steps to Kickstart a Vision Board of Your Own

  1. Gather Pull together some of your favorite magazines. The more variety the better. Cooking magazines, adventure magazines, sports magazines, decor, fashion, parenting… you get the idea.
  2. Clip Begin Clipping photos and words that make you smile. Or that give you a little ‘flutter’ in your belly. Or that seem to be whispering “clip me!”
  3. Discover Determine what size board you’re going to need. By now you may notice a thvisionboardb-1eme in the imagery that captured your attention this sitting. Perhaps you didn’t know it, but it’s time to focus on your sense of fashion. Maybe it seems you are on your way to becoming a pro surfer. Better yet, this might be the year you unleash your inner paleo chef. Whatever it is, let’s go with it.  Spend some time arranging your images on your board and determining if you need to trim it or find a larger board.
  4. Glue Once you’ve arranged all of your images, glue!
  5. Embellish Add any finishing touches. Glitter pens, puffy paint… these give us those ‘flutters’ in our bellies 😉

This is fun at home, but it’s even more fun with a group of your favorite people. Join the Free Spirited Foundation team Thursday June 30th at the Lewes Public Library for our first Vision Boards workshop. We may even get all sentimental and start talking Laws of Attraction, Magic of Believing, and Manifestation 😉  For more information and to register, click hereIt’s FREE! Hope to see you there! And tag us in pics of your vision board with the hashtag #FreeSpiritedFun.


The Free Spirited Team


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freespiritedVision Boards Sound Awesome! But… What If I Don’t Know What I Want???
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