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A small group friends with collective backgrounds in healthcare, integrative healing, yoga and meditation; Brought together by magic, often deemed ‘free spirited’ by family and friends, decided to spread the love and help as many members of their community as they could, to find their own free*spirited selves.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

Albert Einstein

What is Integrative Healing?

The Hebrew word for heal is rapha, which means to make thoroughly whole

Free Spirited Foundation defines healing as integration and balance of one’s mind body and spirit. Removing emotional spiritual and energetic blocks, illness, pain, limitations, so that one can be fully integrated.

 Restoration to a state of wholeness or ‘health’.

We use the term Integrative as a means of clarifying our acknowledgement of the many benefits that can result from traditional medicine. We support spiritual and energetic healing being integrated into a traditional western approach when necessary rather than in place of it.

What Does Accessible Mean?

Much of the population is still unaware of the many modalities for healing available

 Some may not be able to afford the out-of-pocket cost of holistic and
integrative healthcare providers. Some simply may not know how to find a trusted source. Free Spirited Foundation works to educate the general public on the many modalities available for healing and self-healing. We host workshops and classes at community ‘centers’ and unexpected locations, we set-up and connect highly trained practitioners with traditional medical providers and centers meeting members of our community right where they are.

Who Exactly is All?

Our workshops and classes are literally for ALL. Men, women, old and young.

Many will find healing in the various offerings for yoga and meditation, and learn tools for self-healing with introductions to crystals, herbs, feng shui and so much more. Our low and no-cost community healing services are especially devoted to end of life persons and their support teams. You will find us and our volunteers in various cancer and hospice centers in the Delaware beach area. If you are a care provider interested in utilizing our yoga/meditation/reiki services please contact us at info@freespiritedfoundation.org

How Are We a Non-Profit?

Our workshops and classes are literally for ALL. Men, women, old and young.

Free Spirited Foundation is a Delaware non-exempt corporation in the process of obtaining 501(c)3 status. We host workshops and classes for a fee or donation, accept donations of monetary value, as well as for yoga mats and supplies. The proceeds enable us to pay stipends to our highly qualified practitioners to get out into the community and provide low and no-cost integrative healing services such as yoga, meditation and reiki.

Find one of the many ways you can support Free Spirited…

We are excited to support practitioners and their clients, as well as supporting the cultural growth of these gentle healing modalities. We will be working to provide case studies and evidence to help lift these modalities up and educate traditional allopathic practitioners on the many ways that they can work alongside alternative practitioners in a holistic and integrative approach. Help us make integrative healing accessible for ALL!

 If you are an interested practitioner, please click here.

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