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Enhancing Your Life With Stones & Crystals

In this reflective outdoor talk with Crystal Enthusiast, Reiki and Healing Touch practitioner Brenda Meehan, we will have the opportunity to learn more and connect with healing stones and crystals and learn more about how we can use them in our daily lives for joy, healing and manifestation. This evening will include tea and a talk led by Brenda, a group meditation, and in the end you will have the opportunity to handle and engage with the stones and crystals. Oasis Healing Center and Wellness Spa and is Located right on the Avenue in Rehoboth Beach and has Free Parking!! Crystals available for purchase after the talk.
Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Crystals in Healing
  • Crystals in Meditation
  • Personal Attunement of Crystals
  • Choosing a Crystal
  • Caring for Crystals
  • Formation and Co-joining of Crystals

.  For more information and details on how you can register click here

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freespiritedEnhancing Your Life With Stones & Crystals

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