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Making Integrative Healing Accessible For All

We are a one year new not-for-profit organization in the Delaware beach area aimed at making integrative and alternative healing accessible for all.  Having lost close family members to cancer not long ago, we’ve experienced and witnessed the need to connect loved ones to healing modalities not offered in traditional healthcare settings, but modalities that we recognize for their abilities to naturally heal the body on a deeper more root level. Modalities that we know to relax the body and mind, soften the pain and discomforts of illness and dis-ease, and to sometimes miraculously heal terminal conditions. We recognize that not everyone is able to afford these services for themselves and their loved ones, and we’re proposing solutions to make them more affordable, easier to find, and safe.

Our mission to make integrative healing accessible for all. We are doing this by ‘pop-ping up’ at community events, markets, festivals, offering pay-what-you-can classes, and by partnering with healthcare providers and support communities.

We have a very mixed bags of tricks… yoga at the most familiar level, and moving up into utilizing meditation and visualization, reiki (energy healing), oils, massage therapy, acupuncture and even ancient shamanic practices for healing and bringing peace and comfort. Learn more about us, what we’re doing, where you can find us, and how you can work with us.

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Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice of coordinated breath, movement, and meditation that can bring relaxation, clarity, healing and sustained health.  Enjoy a yoga class with one of our experienced RYT instructors in a unique venue or festival setting. Visit our Calendar to find out where you can find us. If you have a venue and would like to host a yoga class, shoot us an email at info@freespiritedfoundation.org


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that has been found to also promote healing from various emotional, psychological, and physical dis-ease. It’s administered by passing of hands over various chakra points in the body. More information on Reiki as a healing modality can be found here.

Free Spirited Foundation aims to place certified reiki practitioners out into the community where they are needed, where the community may not have direct access to them physically or financially.


Free Spirited Foundation defines healing as integration and balance of one’s mind, body and spirit. Removing emotional spiritual and energetic blocks, illness, pain, limitations, so that one can be fully integrated. Restoration to a state of wholeness or ‘health’. Our workshops will invite you to explore an abundance of modalities for peace, joy, and health on your own personal journey toward finding and sustaining your free spirited self.

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The angels want to assist us in all manners of life: protection, self care, growth, knowledge, higher understanding of self, deeper intuition, and of course making life decisions.

Integrative Psychotherapist Melissa Hickey MS, NCC

Brief interview with Tea Talk with the Angels Speaker Melissa Hickey, MS NCC. Read about her experience with the Angels, what you can expect from our upcoming June 2nd Tea Talk, and who would benefit from attending.

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